About Us

I have suffered from migraines all my life. I always had a ice pack on my head. The cold would be painful against my skin so I would wrap it in a dish towel. The smell of the dish towel (even clean) would make me more nauseous than the migraine was already making me and it felt very rough. I would try a hand towel but it was too thick, or a pillowcase and it was too big and awkward. So I bought a few pieces of soft fabric, in a bundle, at the local fabric store, and made a sack to place my gel pack into. I eventually put Velcro as a closure, and an elastic strap to hold the gel pack in place. I have tweaked The Ice Pack Sack several times until I found the most convenient and comfortable remedy for applying Hot and Cold Therapy. My next challenge was finding a quality gel pack. I needed one that was durable, stayed soft and flexible when frozen, and microwavable.

I also wanted it to get and stay cold enough to tackle my migraines and warm enough to sooth my aches and pains. This was next to impossible to find. So I started manufacturing my own gel packs. The Nylon cover helps to achieve the cold and heat I wanted and to sustain the temperature for longer periods of time than your average plastic gel pack. Our designs and sizes will provide comfort to any body part eliminating the need for all different shapes and sizes filling your freezer.

Our customers include Pharmacies, Physical Therapist’s, Orthopedic Surgeons, Oral Surgeons, Chiropractors, Trainers, gyms, spas, Professional Soccer teams, and NFL Athletes.

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